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with tantric elements


This massage includes everything your heart desires, tenderness, closeness, ... It is a journey into the world of love, eroticism, tenderness. Love goes through the skin and tender or intense loving touches, in our lives today hardly have any more space. This is wonderfully combined with erotic elements, such as body to body, sometimes playful, then again gently caressing your lingam during the whole time. What is important, is the match between relaxation and tension ... the ups and downs of your feelings, that are becoming more intense, depending on the time and at the end, it is a highly erotic and intense experience. As you seemingly float, you will forget time and space ... A very special way, to take a break from everyday life ... An introductory experience starts at 45 minutes and an erotic tantric journey can take up to 120 minutes.



This massage is combined with tender components, but can only be dominant! Surprising elements will also find their place ... sometimes gently ... but then hard again ... experience the other side of a massage and learn to love it ... In this massage a lot of elements may be used, e.g. a whip, a cane, bondage, stockings, verbal erotic, foot fetish, etc. In advance, exactly at this point, your desires, thoughts, etc. will be discussed. You're welcome to define your wishes in advance and by sending an e-mail to me.

Also, a prostate massage can be integrated on request. However, I should point out that I will not fulfill any brutal desires, as may be desired with Dominas.

Starting at 45 minutes



Let yourself fall, relax, leave all stress behind you, all your worries, everything that puts a load on your mind ... my experienced hands will tenderly relax your body or by kneading it intensely, you can finally just be here for yourself ... and be under my hands you'll gently then forget the world on the outside, you can completely focus on yourself ... just you ... and that's the very best ... travel into a world for a nice timeout ... when was the last time you did that ???

Treat yourself to this time out !!!


You can only "be yourself and just let go, soaring, just being here, it's easy with me!


45 minutes that you should grant yourself to enjoy, .... life is to short!

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