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The word "Lingam" comes from Sanskrit, the sacred language of India and means "Pillar of Light". During a lingam massage, all the attention is focused on your lingam, tenderly and respectfully awakened, by my touching hands and at the end of the massage, I will bring you to a wonderful climax. This experience is unique and at the end so intense, as solely, your Lingam is in focus. The Lingam is often integrated into the erotic tantric massage.

Duration of a Lingam-massage: 30 minutes to 45 minutes



The G-spot of the man and this erogenous zone is often neglected. I will slowly and tenderly lead you into this very intense experience of your sexuality. This massage is integrated, only when you request it, in an erotic tantric massage and so that you can enjoy this area of your sexuality it should be integrated into erotic massages starting at 60 minutes.



Have you ever thought about, what it would be like, if you feel four hands on your body? Intensive, tender, seductive or even affectionate – also dominant. A wonderful experience!

This massage is conducted with a colleague who performs from the beginning to end, in accordance with my massage. An incredibly erotic experience for every man!

Starting at 45 minutes up to 120 minutes

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